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Saddle Consignment

As we begin the process of marketing your saddle ('Consigned Property') which you are consigning with Flying Star Saddlery, we'd like to explain the details of preparing a used saddle for sale.

The first step is to fill in the two-page consignment agreement and return. This form is a 'fill-able pdf'. First, download the consignment form, then “fill in” all of the pertinent information, type your name & initials for your signature, SAVE THE FILLED IN DOCUMENT and then return filled in PDF form ATTACHED TO AN EMAIL! Another method, if you prefer, is to download – fill in by hand – scan and return. Be sure to include your email address!

The second step is to “ok” the starting price of your saddle and weigh in on what research has revealed about its current market value. You might also have other details about the saddle which will help shoppers learn about its merits and fitting points. (PLEASE share these details under 'Features')

The third step – is to “Like Us” on the Flying Star Saddlery Business page on Facebook! This way when your saddle is posted on the FSS page – we can tag you and you then can share it with your friends on FB – thereby increasing the circle of viewership and potential buyers! This also allows you to view the photography we have done on your behalf and the editing of each image to ensure a pleasing presentation.

We need to have these puzzle pieces in place before we begin our behind the scenes process which entails: Cleaning and conditioning your saddle. (If we have to clean your saddle this is a charge of $15.00) Then a team member will photograph your saddle for use in marketing. These photos are then edited to ensure maximum detail. Our marketing team then posts your saddle in all applicable groups and sites.

At that point, we post your saddle in the Flying Star Saddlery online shop and then post on eBay. In concert with these two actions, we post to the pertinent Facebook groups, (oftentimes 6 to 7 different saddle sales groups) where your consignment saddle enjoys over 80,000 member viewers.

At this juncture – the sale is of our saddle depends greatly on finding the exact right horse and rider. Flying Star also promotes your saddle by physically taking it to every pertinent fitting. Patience is key with a used saddle in order to find the right fit for a new buyer and their horse!!

As your representative, Flying Star Saddlery will tender every offer and notify you accordingly. Please no phone calls or emails to “check-up” on your saddle. Your saddle will go out on every pertinent fitting both locally and nationally. Flying Star, LLC sets no timetable on the sale of your consigned property but guarantees your saddles' maintenance and marketing for the duration.

Thanks for trusting Flying Star Saddlery with your consignment! 

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