• Be 'introduced' to your core muscles.​
  • Receive assistance in locating/activating them individually and together.​
  • Practice on the balance ball & chair to deepen your understanding of the core muscles and how to use them in action.​​

What is the CORE!?

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Clinics taught by the dynamic duo of Julie A. O'Neil and Kim Benson

Non-mounted - 'interactive - 'hands-on' setting - benefits riders of all disciplines! 


Thank you to all participants of the October session!

Registration is automatic upon purchase of theFuture clinics will be offered at through flying Star Saddlery.

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The mission of this clinic is to increase our ability to give a clear message to our equine counterparts!!

Kim Benson

- Equine industry Professional 

- Horse and Rider training in        many/diverse disciplines

- USDF Silver Medalist

- Saddle Sales & Services


  Flying Star Stables

Components of the "Core Engagement" event​

A word from your hostess

Julie A. O'Neil

- Licensed Massage Therapist

- USDF silver Medalist

- Ortho-Bionomy Instructor/Practitioner

- Equine Sports

 Massage Therapist

Flying Star

Stables and Saddlery


"As a result of years teaching competitive vaulting at the highest level and years of helping handicap riders enjoy horses, as part of their therapy and for recreation; I have had the honor to work with some of the best kinetic teachers in the world. I am always amazed and inspired when a small, subtle shift in body movement/alignment and understanding makes a profound difference in the ease of delivering aides to the horse!

Creating a clear dialogue with succinct practice off the horse between rider and coach empowers the duo to elevate your riding skill awareness and joy to a new height!"  - Kim Benson