Whether you are looking at Flying Star livestock, interested in consigning a good horse or need help locally, nationally or internationally, we have an eye for soundness and will work with you to find the right equine partner!

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Flying Star

Stables and Saddlery

Saddle Sales: Albion, Fairfax, Thorowgood & Partick Saddlery.  Saddle Fitting Services.


Flying Star LLC, offers saddle sales of new, used and consignment saddles, as well as customizable western and endurance saddles.  Kim Benson, the proprietor of Flying Star Saddlery, represents Albion, Fairfax, Kent & Masters, and Patrick Saddlery, to name a few.

We sell and do fittings for dressage saddles, eventing, all-purpose and close contact saddles. Fitting, flocking and adjustments are a part of the saddle fitting process!  

Call 303-912-8703 for a free consultation or to begin the design of your custom/semi-custom saddle.

Beginners to upper-level competitors pursue their riding goals with custom-tailored training through Flying Star clinic and lesson programs. Kim has coached horse and riders for over 30 years and welcomes all equine disciplines!

Flying Star Saddlery, sought after by those who cannot and will not settle for less when it comes to the fit and performance of their riding equipment.  We offer expertise with flocking and saddle adjustments to all English/Dressage saddles.