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Neuro Connect™ Equine Clips - Wearable Technology!

The Neuro Connect clip facilitates communication between the motor cortex of the brain

and the muscles, as well as the joints, in both the human and equine body.

As a result, you feel a distinct improvement in body coordination and focus.

The majority of riders report that their hips open and follow the action of their horse more easily.

The majority of horses show an improved balance, focus and in many cases stability or increase in the length of stride while wearing the clips.

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How do I use them?

There are 4 main benefits to the Neuro Connect Equine Clips:

Injury Recall for Joints - Injury Recall for Muscles - Joint/Brain activation - Muscle/Brain activation

​​When you purchase a set of Neuro Connect Equine Clips you receive a chart to

guide you through where to place the clips for each of these functions.

The beauty of the clips is that you can not "over expose" your horse - if there is no injury, the body does not pick up the stimulus.

It is safe to groom your horse daily with the clips set for first, joint/brain activation, then set for muscle/brain activation.

The body will feel that and not get overloaded.

View Mark Metus and Sarah Martin demonstrate the testing modality and use of the Equine Neuro Connect clips:

 Testing a horse using Neuro Connect Equine devices: The Basics

You then support your ride by placing the clips on the horse, and on the rider:

ON THE HORSE: One clip on the throat-latch.
ON THE RIDER: One clip on the center of your throat or chest or belly button.
FOR EXTRA SUPPORT: two clips can be added to the horse on either side of the spine on the saddle pad,

or on the outside of a rear boot or wrap. If rider wants extra support, place the two clips,

one clip over the outside of each riding boot at ankle or knee, or on the outside of your sock under your breeches -

much easier not to lose them that way!

When you are done riding, be sure to retrieve your clips and put them away in a safe location!
Clips are not interchangeable • Each set is unique to that set of clips only • Do not lose your clips!