Services at a Glance:

Saddle Sales

  • Sales of new, demo, used and custom built saddles

  • Independent and Non-biased Saddle Fitter - representing over ten saddle makers.

  • Full & semi-custom orders.
  • Consignment saddles (Great selection)

Saddle Fitting Services

  • Saddle fitting & adjustments
  • Saddle flocking & re-flocking
  • Wither tracings
  • Saddle fit clinics
  • Saddle fitting & consulting
  • Horse tack
  • Western & endurance

Rider Training

  • Lessons - beginner to advanced
  • Dressage training
  • Western dressage
  • Riding clinics
  • All disciplines

Horse Training/Services

  • Basic young horse training

  • Equine Laser therapy
  • Colt starting
  • Lunging/Longline
  • Nutritional counseling

Horse Sales

  • Fabulous horses bred at Flying Star

  • Consigning your horse
  • Finding the right equine partner
  • National and international search

Saddlery Services

Saddle Sales of New, Custom Built/Semi-Custom, & Consignment Saddles

Flying Star Saddlery, founded by Kim Benson, over 20 years ago – represents many top brands of English/Dressage saddles. As with all our horse tack and accessories, these saddles have been 'hand-picked' due to their value and exceptional performance in the field! Shop today for saddles and horse tack through our online store and receive the personal service that you require!

Based in Ocala, Florida we do saddle fitting for a national clientele.

Saddle Fitting Form - for Flying Star Saddlery Customers.

Clicking on the button below will take you to a google form to fill in and submit prior your saddle fitting session. Make sure you contact us personally prior to submitting your form.

Flying Star Saddlery represents the top saddle brands:

Fairfax Saddlery, Kent & Masters, Patrick Saddlery and Ryder Saddles.

Also representing: Albion England, Ovation, G. Passier & Sohn, PDS - Carl Hester Collection, Pessoa, Thorowgood and Tota Comfort Saddles.​​

Flying Star offers “hands-on” laser support and guidance for your equine & four-legged friends. Multi-Radiance Blue Laser Rentals available for long-distance or local horse owners.

  • Fast pain relief with no drugs or side effects
  • Bacterial blue light heals wounds without antibiotics
  • Cordless and portable for treatment anywhere, anytime

Call to discuss equine health and rehabilitation needs! 

Rental agreement, contact Kim Benson at 303-912-8703.

Saddle Fitting Consultation

Flocking and Re-flocking 

Adjustments and Recommendations

Independent saddle fitter, based in Ocala, Florida, Kim Benson is happy to discuss the many facets of saddle fitting with you.  We can evaluate your current saddle, make suggestions on needed adjustments, or suggest a demo ride on one of our many in-stock saddles.

Ask us about Wither Tracings and Templates!

Allow us to guide you through the procedure of taking a set of wither tracings. These are used to evaluate back/shoulder symmetry and conformation when you are in the market for a better fitting saddle. 

Flying Star

Stables and Saddlery

​Kim Benson is an independent saddle fitter, based in Ocala, Florida.

Flying Star Saddlery services North Central Florida, Southern Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and a nationwide clientele.

Inquire about the possibility of a group rate in your area!

Multi Radiance/Equine Laser Therapy available at Flying Star!